MITSUBISHI MATERIALSCopper & Copper Alloy Business

MITSUBISHI MATERIALSCopper & Copper Alloy Business



Our goal is to be the number one global supplier of high-value added products.

Together we are working to strengthen our marketing, R&D and sales systems; expand production capacity; and integrate manufacturing, sales and development to meet the needs of our customers; motivating customers to contact us first.

Our core competence is the technical capabilities associated with the development and production of oxygen-free copper and copper alloys. Essential to the realization of a sustainable society, we have developed, manufactured and sold items such as MSP series (Cu-Mg alloy) for on-board terminals and busbars; Cu-Fe base alloys used for lead frames of semiconductor and various electronic materials; Cu-Cr-Zr base alloys used for trolley wires in high-speed bullet trains like Shinkansen or resistance welding electrodes; and lead-free (Pb free) brass or “Eco Brass” a more environmentally friendly alternative.

We will continue to provide various products that accurately satisfy customers’ needs with the strong support of our Central Research Institute.

To meet customers’ demand in a timely manner, we plan to invest in our each production sites to increase total production capacity by 3,000 tons / month by 2026. Furthermore, we will promote the development of a global supply system through mutual cooperation with the Luvata Group's twelve manufacturing and sales locations, mainly in North America and Europe.

As the preferred partner of our customers, we will continue to respond to customer requests with our infinite creativity as well as our high-performing materials that contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

General Manager, Copper & Copper Alloy Business UnitNORIKAZU ISHIDA