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GloBrass Adopted for High-Frequency Coaxial Connector

Advanced Products Company of Mitsubishi Materials Corporation is pleased to announce that GloBrass, its next generation lead-free, free-cutting brass which complies with various lead-related regulations such as the RoHS Directive 1), has been adopted for high-frequency coaxial connectors of TO-CONNE CO., LTD.

GloBrass is a silicon-containing lead-free brass having equivalent strength and machinability to those of ECO BRASS, a conventional alloy we previously developed, yet the cost of metals used for its production has been reduced by reviewing the ratio between copper and zinc. As GloBrass has an electrical conductivity of 16% IACS 2), approximately twice that of ECO BRASS, we have endeavored to market the new lead-free alloy with a focus on potential customers in the field of electrical/electronic components.

TO-CONNE CO., LTD., a manufacturer of high-frequency coaxial connectors and cable assemblies, was among the first to give attention to GloBrass, a silicon-containing free-cutting brass. The company has worked on the development of lead-free connectors and has now added two lead-free high-frequency coaxial connectors of BNCP-3 and SMAP-1.5A for which our GloBrass is used, to its product line.

  • BNCP-3


  • SNAP-1.5A


Environmental regulations related to lead, a substance harmful to human body and the environment, are expanding and becoming stricter globally. Among them are the RoHS Directive and the ELV Directive 3). Further, new SDGs 4) to be achieved by 2030 were set in the Sustainable Development Goals Summit, indicating that social responsibilities imposed on businesses are increasing.
In order to solve such social challenges, our company began distribution of ECO BRASS, a lead-free, free-cutting brass, in 2002 followed by commencement of sales of SnECO, an alloy having excellent corrosion resistance, in 2015, and in 2020, we successfully developed GloBrass. Our series of lead-free, free-cutting brass products including GloBrass are epoch-making materials that contribute to achieving SDG 6 “access to safe water and sanitation”, SDG 9 “industry, innovation, and infrastructure”, and SDG 12 “sustainable consumption and production”.

Mitsubishi Materials group has a vision to be a “leading company that creates innovative materials for people, society, and the Earth using unique technology and contributes to establish a sustainable society” under our corporate philosophy of “For People, Society and the Earth”. We are determined to contribute to establishing an affluent society by supplying unrivaled materials that meet customers’ demands and providing solutions to problems which may occur in processing our products that are best fit to individual customers.

1) The RoHS Directive (Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment) is a directive relating to limited use of specific substances contained in electrical and electronic equipment.

2) IACS (International Annealed Copper Standard) is a standard which is used to express electrical conductivity by the proportion of volume resistivity to that of an annealed standard soft copper assuming that 1.7241×10-2 μΩ・m (the volume resistivity of the standard copper) is 100% IACS.

3) The ELV Directive is a directive provided by the European Union for the purpose of reducing the burden that end-of-life vehicles impose on the environment.

4) SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) refers to the new set of Sustainable Development Goals to be achieved by 2030 that were unanimously adopted in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Summit held in September 2015 which consist of 17 goals and 169 targets.