MITSUBISHI MATERIALSCopper & Copper Alloy Business

MITSUBISHI MATERIALSCopper & Copper Alloy Business


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We manufacture forged products such as ECO BRASS and UH brass · pure copper at Sambo Forging Co., Ltd. in Sambo plant. The total production processing of preparing materials, forging, and machining can be performed in the same factory so as to correspond to short delivery time, and forged metal molds are also in-house designed and manufactured, and thus it is possible to respond finely to design changes. We offer the material reduction by using hollow forging technology.

Sambo Forging

Sambo Forging Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of copper alloy forging with plants in the premises of Sambo plant. Based on abundant technology including hollow forging, we offer the best products from the mold design to the final product. We will also offer forged products of Mitsubishi Shindoh's proprietary alloys in response to the customer's needs.

Sambo Forging

Main features

We will offer copper alloy forging products compatible with future regulations such as RoHS and ELV by using the synergy effect of the forging technology centered on mold technology and hollow forging technology by in-house design and manufacturing, and the material development technology of ECO BRASS and UH series.

Main applications

Various valves, gas appliance parts, fittings, water meter, faucet equipment parts, mechanical parts, electric parts

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Group Ⅲ, Extruded Product & Wire Rod Sales Dept.