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Products information

Multi-gauge strips

Multi-gauge strips are used as electronic materials and terminal materials like lead frame for power IC or high current terminal material because of their conductivity and heat dissipation properties of a thick plate portion as well as workability of a thin plate portion.

The more the demand for high conductivity increaes, the demand for this items as well will be expected to grow.

Main features

Lead frame for semiconductor (power transistor)

  • The heat dissipation portion and the lead portion of the transistor can be formed of the same materials and can be simultaneously molded.
    ⇒Realize reduction in manufacturing management, reduction in assembly steps, and reduction in size

Applications for terminals and connectors

  • High contact pressure can be obtained with less material.
  • Thick portions contribute heat dissipation for high current applications.
  • Contact pressure can be raised by using the rigidity of the thick portion.

What is Multi-gauge strip?

A stepped portion consisting of a thick portion and a thin section.

1 Examples of shapes of lead frame materials
2 Examples of shapes of low step material used for LED
3 Connector material (materials of MSP1 and the like)

Main applications

Lead frame for semiconductor (power transistor),terminal,connector and the like

Producable range

Product cross section
site producable range dimentional tolerance
T ≤3.0mm ±0.02
t 0.2mm≤ ±0.02
T/t ≤5 -
θ 3°≤ ±2
Wc ≤40mm ±0.05
W ≤150mm ±0.1
|A-B| - ±0.2
Mountain width 0.8~42.0 ±0.05
Groove width 0.3~0.51 ±0.03
Groove depth 0.3~0.45 ±0.03
Warppage ≤0.5mm
Bending ≤1.0/1000mm
Burrs ≤0.04mm
Inner diameter of coil Φ400mm
Outer diameter of coil ≤Φ1500mm


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